May 07, 2014

Going Going Green

I don't know why, somebody please explain it to me, whenever I decide to go on diet, I get immediately hungry. Or when I decide to seriously cut back on sugar and carbs, I crave a large chocolate cake. Not a slice, a cake, and believe me, at that point I could easily finish it.

April 06, 2014

A Perfect Combination

When it comes to dessert, I prefer the simple and easy kind. Especially on Fridays and Weekends, when my other half is fixated on having some sweet. He does have a sweet tooth just like I.

March 13, 2014

Chocolate Indulgence

Let's face it. I've been a miserable food blogger lately, but now I'm determined to bring this blog again up and going. I won't bore you with the details why I haven't been around and why I abandoned this precious baby of mine. Let's just leave it there that I've been in a some kind of work coma and was just about time that I awake.